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Ace fashion designer Manish Malhotra opened

I love Persian architecture, I like the colour schemes of Persia, music and that was a concept I had in my mind and that’s how it got generated.Talking about his inspiration, the designer said, “I had Persian Story’s idea in mind for so many years.Actors Deepika Padukone, Fawad Khan and designer Manish Malhotra along with models walk the ramp at the India Couture Week 2016 in New Delhi on Wednesday.”Deepika, who started her career as a model, said the ensemble she donned was the heaviest. Talking about the fabulous showstoppers, Manish said, “I am so thankful to Fawad for being here and dearest Deepika I know her since she was a model and her first film.”.

The collection saw a wide range of heavily-embellished hand-woven gold embroidery adorn sheer and velvet fabrics, lehengas with sheer tops, opulent velvet jackets over cigarette trousers, exquisite gowns and regal sherwanis and sequinned dresses which featured elaborate architectural, floral motifs and check shirts and achkans. “The last time I walked for him, I thought that outfit was the heaviest.Manish’s design narrative was inspired by the stunning architecture of Persia, blooming paradise of fauna and flora, and fearless royals that ruled their vast kingdoms.it’s a very special moment. Obviously it was very daunting. Asked if it was his first time on the ramp in Delhi, Fawad quickly replied, “In Delhi for the first time In India for the first time.The designer presented intricate motifs on 50 limited edition pieces, swathed in deep shades of maroon, emerald green and azure blue. Manish recreated the magic of Persia by transforming the set into a traditional Persian setting filled with marble motifs, popular Persian chandeliers and a small shamiana (a marquee), which helped the models exiting the ramp.

Ace fashion designer Manish Malhotra opened this year’s FDCI India Couture Week 2016 and showcased his latest collection titled, “The Persian Story”. Also, this is the biggest ramp I have ever walked on,” quipped the actress. I was very nervous and out of breath at the ramp.” The Bajirao Mastani actress stole the show in a beautiful off-shoulder choli, with intricate gold embroidery and a long-trailed lehenga.... The star also wore a polki-pearl choker and a hath-phool from Hazoorilal by Sandeep Narang. This is much heavier compared to the earlier one.. Fawad walked the ramp for the first time in India. Models showcased his collection as they walked to the tunes of authentic Persian music.Pakistani star Fawad opened the grand show and was wholesale digital printing velvet welcomed with loud cheers and applause from the crowd as he walked in a black kurta and deep maroon palazzo-pyjama. Actors Deepika Padukone and Fawad Khan turned out to be the perfect showstoppers for the collection

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If satin and lace are seductive and only for people

If satin and lace are seductive and only for people who aren’t prone to spillage, the soft pile of velvet makes it comforting, a bit huggable, the kind of fabric where you find yourself absent-mindedly stroking your own sleeve. It drapes beautifully and if you’re looking for an investment piece, this is the one to go for. But where it used to be reserved mainly for dressy gowns and skirts, it’s showing up in less-traditional silhouettes for both day and evening. Pure velvet is the most luxuriant, according to designer Nandita Thirani. Although its past associations include historical festivals and pouf sleeves on Eighties dresses, it’s time to wipe the slate clean — and then swathe it in velvet. The first entry point into the plush rebirth is fall’s baroque trend. In the 70s, girls and boys wore skin-hugging velvet suits.”Designer Kiran Uttam Ghosh adds, “There are some fabrics that stand for ‘dressing up’ — right from your first party frock. Before buying, check the seams and for patches of wear in a good light. She adds, “Made of an acetate/viscose mix, you’ll know it by its opulent sheen and usually find it only in top-end evening wear. “Wrinkles are a no-no in velvet.

From velvet jeans, velvet biker jackets, cross-body velvet patchwork party dresses to crushed velvet bandeaus and jumpsuits, there are different and unique ways to wear the fabric without feeling cloaked in its suffocating richness and incorporating it in an unexpected way. They’re the equivalent of cellulite. Velvet is one of them and, because it is often used for little girls’ dresses as well as grown-up ones, it comes with a certain innocence and nostalgia attached to it. But you will have to pay considerably more for it. Very old velvet will have more natural fibres and will probably be pure silk, so it’s fabulous. Velvet’s innate opulence lends itself well to channelling seventeenth-century grandeur — almost referencing to royal courts. But velvet pieces are a lot like diamonds: whether serious or playful, you have to commit.”There are several types of velvet in the market.This autumn in women’s and men’s wear, the buzzword is texture — so it’s no surprise that designers are revisiting the luxe touch of velvet right now.

But with velvet there wholesale chinese fabric factory is a fine line between close-cut and too-small. “Velvet doesn’t have to be new..” You can also go vintage, says designer Aartivijay Gupta. However, there are plenty of simple ways to wear it too. Designer Amy Billimoria says, “Velvet is undergoing a renaissance.”In the 40s, ladies wore clinging, bias-cut velvet dresses. Velvet so tight across the crotch or back that it leads to “elephant wrinkles” is, as Kiran says, “not a good look”.” Which — heavens! — none of us will be modelling this season. Real velvet aficionados can search and hunt down vintage pieces at garment shops. Most of this season’s velvet jackets are actually velveteen that are surprisingly made of 100% cotton, it has a much shorter pile, is less expensive and more hardwearing. The slightly less expensive silk velvet is a lighter-weight, viscose/silk mix

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The biggest change here is that the air suspension

49 lakhGrand Cherokee Summit DieselRs 85.8 kmpl.45 lakhRs 71.14 lakhGrand Cherokee Summit PetrolRs 75. The SRT, on the other hand, gets upper and lower cooling intakes at the front.6PS of peak power and 347Nm of max torque.Source: ZigWheels.1 kmpl. To know everything about the Jeep Compass, check out the following links.15 lakhRs 1. This Gen-II transmission is also available in the diesel variants of the Grand Cherokee.4-litre Hemi V8 petrol engine which is paired to the Gen-II 8-speed automatic transmission. The engine makes 200PS/460Nm and returns a claimed mileage of 12. The biggest change here is that the air suspension is now standard in the Summit variants and LED fog lamps are standard across the entire range.com.8-litre, 4-cylinder unit which is paired to a 5-speed automatic gearbox. We drove it on/off road and here are our impressions.59 lakhRs 7. Also, the &china textile factory39;ParkSense’ system now includes a Start/Stop function. The SRT also gets 20-inch rims but in a matte black split-spoke layout.

This is the Gen-II transmission and has been tuned for better performance.The Jeep Compass is the next big thing from Jeep in India. It has a 6.0-litre V6 which is now paired to the updated 8-speed automatic transmission.Jeep India has released the updated price list of its Indian range of SUVs along with the introduction of a new petrol variant of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.The diesel mill available in the Grand Cherokee is a 3. Earlier, the Grand Cherokee was only offered with a petrol engine, with the performance-oriented SRT variant.03 CrRs 17. The Wrangler Unlimited’s diesel mill is a 2.15 lakh -Grand Cherokee Limited DieselRs 75. Mated to this powerhouse is an eight-speed paddle shift automatic transmission. This is the same engine which is also present in the Wrangler Unlimited, but with a slight power deficit.07 croreRs 1.12 croreRs 5 lakhThe petrol engine in the Grand Cherokee Summit is a 3. An acoustic windshield has also been added across the range for better noise insulation.64 LakhRs 18.85 lakhGrand Cherokee SRTRs 1.15 lakhRs 93. This mammoth makes 475PS of max power and a massive 630Nm of peak torque.As far as the looks are concerned, the Grand Cherokee gets Jeep’s 75th Anniversary visual updates, like the billet plating on the grille.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is also available in two new exterior colours - Velvet Red and Diamond Black Crystal, taking the total count of colour options available to six. ModelNew PriceOld PriceDifferenceWrangler Unlimited PetrolRs 56 lakhRs 56 lakh0Wrangler Unlimited DieselRs 64. Other feature changes include the inclusion of Electric Power Steering (EPS), which replaces the electro-hydraulic power steering system in the current SUV, and three new drive modes – Normal, Comfort and Sport.6-litre Pentastar block which produces 289. The SRT Grand Cherokee, though, is the beast of the lineup. The mill makes 243PS of max power and # 570Nm of peak torque, and returns a claimed mileage of 12. On the side, there are new 18-inch, high gloss silver alloy wheels on the Limited and 20-inch polished aluminium ones on the Summit.Apart from the mechanical changes, there are quite a few cosmetic and feature changes in the Grand Cherokee. Let's have a look at the new prices

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The farmhouse is equipped with environment-friendly amenities

And when it comes to farming, people are not bothered about cutting trees or clearing forest land. Even though my job would take me to many places, I would miss those peaceful moments spent at my farm. “This is a convenient place for families, social and educational gatherings. The land in which my farm is situated is near the forest and when I started farming, I wanted to do it without affecting nature.It is kept cool throughout the year by the breeze from the Arabian Sea that filters through the natural forest canopy in the Western Ghats. Spread over 10 acres, about 2 km from Josegiri, one of the trekking spots in the area, the farm is located close to the Talacauvery Wildlife Sanctuary, at an altitude of 2,800 ft.“We used to have evening sessions where we discuss and share ideas with each other,” says Anil, who also wholesale curtain fabric manufacturers believes adults have the responsibility to teach kids the importance of agriculture.

In 2011, when Anil was going about his work, somewhere near Tanzania’s capital of Dodoma, he suddenly got the urge to stop what he was doing and return back to India.After six year’s hard work, his Pukayunni Farm is home to almost 75 varieties of exotic fruits, including the rare miracle fruit, Synsepalum Dulcificum, a plant known for its berry which when eaten causes sour foods subsequently consumed to taste sweet.Though he has succeeded in chasing his dream of having a farm, Anil says agriculture is still not a first choice for many youngsters as a profession. We also promote agriculture.From 2011, he started to meet farmers, seeking help and learning about how to grow vegetables, fruits and grains. Since then, I have been following that at my farm,” he adds. Thanks to the call of his homeland, Anil resigned his job as an energy consultant for the United Nations, and came back home.Anil says it wasn’t a momentary impulse. So I thought of coming back and getting into farming,” he says.He also runs a cottage and a farmhouse where people can come and stay. And it is a plastic-free zone,” says Anil. During his research, Anil realised most farmers were still using age-old methods. So I learned about four-layered farming, which is comparable to a natural forest.“I wanted to do something different. That’s when I heard about a natural farming method developed by Subhash Palekar, using gobar and urine of locally bred cows.

The farmhouse is equipped with environment-friendly amenities like solar power, biogas, etc. “We all are against deforestation. Clearing the forest for planting crops or raising livestock is as bad as doing it for expanding cities or mining. never forgot to spend time at the small field near his home.Lemon wine, ackee apple, velvet apple, strawberry guava, milk fruit and soap tree are some of the other varieties in his collection. “I always had a penchant for farming. According to Anil, one of the biggest reasons for deforestation in our place is agriculture itself.The farm is also home to many medicinal plants. Anil’s farmhouse is also a place for discussions and get-together for famers who have similar ideas.Whenever he visited his home back in Kerala in between his busy schedule, Kannur resident Anil K. Unlike the conventional practice of cultivation of one major crop on the entire stretch of the field, this concept allows the cultivation of as many as four or five crops on a small piece of land, in layers

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If you have a fireplace in your drawing room

Along with that, centrepiece candle underlay with rose petals or simply a bouquet of white and red rose in a crystal vase and accompaniment of the dinner with a glass of wine will complete the motif. It would help to decorate the room as well as cherish the sweet memories.Valentine’s day is normally spent planning the ideal dinner date or picking the best gifts.You can give a new look to the chandeliers of your house by decorating it with pieces of ribbon and changing the lights to dimmed one for bringing a light romantic mood in the ambience. A designer mirror could look nice on a wall as well.The wall décor has a huge impact on the overall look of a room.Last but not the least, dress the dinner table with white silk or lace fabric table cover. If fire place is not there you can apply the same ideas to decorate any idle corner of your drawing space. But watch out where you place the candles and remember: safety first.Use curtains to complete the look, Choose a colour that shows your passion and love.Kolkata Based Interior Designer Shabnam Alam shares few creative ideas to refurbish your personal space in a simple, sober yet classy way for Valentine’s Day.

You can enhance the romantic vibe by decorating the mantel with something handcrafted or with candles. Along with that you can give an extra ordinary touch to the corners of your rooms by putting bunches of Upholstery fabric manufacturers Tiger Lilies, daffodils or carnations in simple, sober flower vase preferably of some earthy tones rather than placing red roses which have become symbolical with the purpose of Valentine. White crockery sets with customized napkin aside give a royal outlook to the table.Plan return gifts with goody bags made with chocolates wrapped with bright, glossy wrappers and bags could be knotted with a neatly made bow of thick red ribbon. Illuminate the room, create focal points and turn the whole space into a romantic nook. Since the feelings of love empathy best exist within four walls of our homes, we need to spice up the spaces around us for this eve of passion and warmth.. Red would be nice but you can also play with other shades.You can’t redecorate your space without cleaning it properly, take out every unnecessary stuff, clean up your furniture and fitted chandeliers.

If you have a fireplace in your drawing room, that’s already pretty romantic. The colours of ribbon could be a combination of Red and White and lights should be decided accordingly.Once the room is clutter-free, clean and organized, you can start adding all the special accent details.Red is the colour of passion, so take this opportunity to change the vibe in the bedroom by introducing a few red accents. So, come up with a way to set a romantic mood for your bedroom by framing some photos of you as a couple.If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of switching to dimmable lights, you can choose to decorate with candles. Maybe you can get some new pillow/ cushion covers of textures like faux fur, velvet or velour, preferably red with a combination of White/ Gold silk bed sheet

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He asked me many questions about my family

I rang the bell, he answered and I entered his room," she said. I got up and said I had to leave.Describing how she met Akbar in the Oberoi Hotel, she said "When I reached the lobby and looked around for Mr Akbar but I could not see him. He then asked me about my music preferences, when I replied he started singing old Hindi songs to me, I felt extremely uncomfortable at all these inappropriate personal questions. I did my Bachelors in Psychology at St Xavier&China curtain velvet39;s college in Mumbai and graduated in 1991. I told her I couldn't tell my parents because they would ask me to refuse the job offer if I got it and I would have to give up my dream of being a journalist."When the lawyer asked her to explain what happened thereafter, Ramani said: "Akbar asked me why I had gone to the US to study journalism."Explaining about her professional life, she said that she started her career with the Asian Age, where she had worked for a period of 10 months, from January to October 1994. I swore that I would never be in a room alone with him ever again," she said.Ramani, who testified as the first witness in the case, was heard by the Court of Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (ACMM) Samar Vishal. Ramani, who lives with her family in Bengaluru, said that currently she is working writing a weekly column for Mint Lounge, contribute to Vogue Magazine and other news websites. Later she joined news agency Reuters and then became an editor of Cosmopolitan magazine in 1999. He wanted to know if I had a boyfriend, I replied no. He offered me alcohol from the minibar but I refused.

New Delhi: Priya Ramani, a journalist against whom M J Akbar had filed a defamation case for levelling sexual harassment allegations, on Saturday narrated before a local court what she encountered when she met him in his hotel room on an evening for a job interview. She was shocked to hear about Mr Akbar's behaviour.She asserted that she thought that the interview would be at the "coffee shop or lobby of the hotel". I replied that it was my dream to be a journalist, that this job was important to me, especially since it was my first job. I was silent and hesitant, he then asked me to come up," she said.As hearing resumed, she said: "I have been a journalist for 25 years. He asked me to come up to his room. I also went to the United States for Masters in Journalism at Temple University.Akbar, the former Minister of State for External Affairs, had filed a defamation case against the journalist for accusing him of sexual misconduct.""He got up and made a drink for himself. I was acutely aware that I was alone in this room with him. With our limited experience and the enthusiasm of the youth, we reasoned that it was a new newspaper and there would be many employees and the editor, being a busy man, would not have time for a newcomer. He then asked many personal questions."I caught a taxi home and later at night from my landline, I called Nilofer (her friend) and told her what had happened.. As I was leaving, Mr Akbar said his office would follow up about the job," she added. I was hesitant but went up.Ramani was the first woman to accuse Akbar of sexual harassment during the #MeToo campaign. The allegations levelled against him forced him to resign from the Union Cabinet on 17 October 2018. Then I asked the reception to connect me to him.As years passed by, she joined the Indian Express as Associate Editor and National Features and also worked as founding editors of Mint Newspaper for 8 years.

He asked me many questions about my family, I told him that my parents are keen that I have an arranged match." I did not know that I could dictate # the terms of the interview. He wanted to know if I was married, I said no.Stating that the room where the interview was scheduled was "small and enclosed", Ramani said: "The bed was turned down for the night, there was a small two-seater sofa near the bed. I felt ill at ease to be in such an intimate space for a professional interview. It was a big window and I could see it was a sea-facing room, there were 2 chairs and a small table adjacent to the window and we sat there."Then he moved to the small two-seater sofa next to the bed and gave me a gesture to come and sit in the tiny space next to him.Ramani told the court that she explained about the whole incident to Nilofer but not to her parents as she was afraid of losing her career.""We discussed whether I should accept the job if I got it with such a man at the helm of this organisation. I was already feeling unnerved by his inappropriate behaviour. He did not discuss my writing skills, my knowledge of current affairs or any journalism-related question," she said. I think it was Vodka. I knew I had to leave the room immediately."I thought the interview would be at the coffee shop or lobby but I was 23 and not that confident to say "no, I will wait for you in the lobby. Now I was concerned for my physical safety

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The end of an awesome decade is almost here

”While designer Anuradha P. Wear the brocade lehengas with leather jackets and fur stoles or go bold with a bright party cape as an over-skirt. Draped outfits are the best way to retouch a simple outfit. To invest in a smart party wardrobe, designer duo Shantanu and Nikhil suggest, “The millennial do not believe in following trends, but they are quite clear about their likes and dislikes -- bright and bold colours in any form of clothing and accessories work very well for the new age fashion lovers. For those who feel like splurging, a beautiful sequin-embroidered or crystal-encrusted dress with simple accessories would do. Whereas, the millennial and Gen Z consumers opted for optimistic pinks and sunshine yellows to brighten up the mood. She says, “Have fun with classic black-and-white, or get festive with your favorite jewel tone of ruby, emerald, and sapphire. For example, pair pleated pants with mirror work capes for a night look or go for a signature cowl blouse with hand embroidery that can be paired with pleated skirt / wide pants for a distinct and glamorous party look.She says, “I also love to mix Indian and Western elements for holiday dressing to stand out from the crowd. Leather, velvet and wool are best for cold weather, and georgette and crinkled fabric dresses come to life with separates of sequinned and shimmer fabrics. Just wear your trusted blue denim with a sequin top or jacket and you are ready to shine on.

The conscious brigade took to recycling old clothes from old wardrobes and invented their sustainable outfits for a better version of the bygones. “Sequin sheeting, crystal embellishments on dresses, blouses, even trousers, and skirts, as well as accessories are abundantly trending. A sparkling dress in sequins crystal or even lamé, crystal-embellished accessories and statement shoes in a bold colour should be on your list,” sums up Shehla. In terms of silhouettes, bold styles are a great nod to powerful femininity.”On the other hand, Delhi-based designer Poornima Vardhan’s most essential tip for holiday season dressing is to use complementary colours to highlight your most important features and create a striking look..”For Mumbai-based designer Shehla Khan all kinds of sparkles in dresses or accessories make for a noteworthy party outfit, and she wants you to add some bling details for a memorable party ensemble. For this season, a nice cocktail gown, cowl neck outfit and printed jacket can complete your party wardrobe in no time.The year 2019 was meant for all kinds of normcore and inclusive styles; and, there was something for everyone. Metallics are all the rage this season; infuse it with shades of burnt red and the ever-dominant black. Last season’s strappy georgette dresses can be layered onto georgette sleeved shirts with a sequin belt.You can perfect your look with statement shoes. Pair one of your evening dresses from last year, with a belt to cinch the waist and maybe even add a printed scarf to take things a notch up.”For a fabulous party season, one should opt for outfits that are timeless and can be worn throughout the year, irrespective of trends.

The end of an awesome decade is almost here and we’ve seen some really quirky and fashionable styles over the year! Here’s the top picks for the party week that’s setting in!The season for parties is here, and the last week of wholesale Automobil Headliner Fabrics factory the year is the right time to let your hair down in style. Accents like fur trims and gold lame work well with off-the-shoulder and one-shoulder dresses of all lengths— mini, midi and full-length. Dhawan wants you to think off the cuff and go for disco minis and polka-dot midis. A well-cut dress from last season in any colour with a crystal-embellished choker or long shoulder-duster earrings as well as statement shoes would make an ideal party outfit for this year-end. And, for those who don’t want to splurge all that much could go for lamé or even plain colours such as red, fuschia, bright blue, neon tones and black with crystal-embellished earrings, or a choker and some sparkly shoes. It’s always great to repeat outfits that can be styled in different ways, which is why it is best to opt for classic silhouettes. Additionally, knitwear is worth the investment for chilly, winter night outs. Senior designer Ritu Kumar hints at the classic go-to for all occasions – the LBD, and says, “One of my top recommendations is the little black dress; perhaps, any short body-con would do the trick. If you are wondering about how to put forward your best without burning a hole in your pockets, follow these guidelines from the party edit chalked out our style gurus

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And certainly isn’t a one-size fits all kinda apparel

Shimmery or sheer, ruffled, feathered or cold-shouldered — the trusty lehenga is impressively versatile and won’t disappoint.” If you’re someone who is not willing to kit out with the same ol’, invest in accouterments for an instant jazz up says designer Manoviraj Khosla.” Velvet blouses are in and so are tri-toned layered lehengasAs the rule applies to the colours as well, a detour from the usual colours is strongly suggested. Even the T-shirt paired with a humble lehenga is a look that’s simple yet striking..””If you go by our Bollywood trendsetters, it is clear than feathers, ruffles, trails and funky add-ons are in. To help you kit out one helluva attire, designers lay out the rules. Earlier it was about a whole set, but now, it’s wholesale printed velvet manufacturers all about mix and match. While cold shoulders are trending in a big way, it doesn’t suit everyone. “I’m a lover of a classic and vintage appeal than fleeting fads. Enthusing how the season throws open to experimenting with your top wear at great lengths, designer Ravina Belani adds, “The younger crop has an inclination towards shorter blouses. “Off-white lehengas with electric blue blouses, a neon-hued choli with earthy toned lehenga skirts are stellar options.

And certainly isn’t a one-size fits all kinda apparel. The list in indeed endless,” begins designer Sarita Mandoth. Play around with fun elements and but ensure it is a reflection of your personality,” he concludes.. Slighter older women look graceful when they sport a short kurti over a lehenga with a dupatta. Lehenga skirts are timeless. Kimono sleeves with a heavily embellished lehenga is what I’ve seen a lot of, this season, and I think it looks fabulous. It has an evergreen appeal to it,” advises Ravina. There’s certainly a modernised twist to the apparel. So, make a colour detour now!Vouching by similar lines, Sarita adds, “Milk on its versatility. The lehenga, like most other Indian ethnic ensembles, have evolved. We’ve worked with a lot of bling, crystals and myriad fabrics like velvet, brocade, zardosi embroideries etc. It’s always a great idea to experiment with your blouse when sporting a lehenga this season.A model dons the traditional lehenga in bubblegum pink and electric blue“The season’s message is loud and clear: less is more.With our feeds flooding with drool-worthy celebratory pictures of celebs and fashionistas, it comes as little surprise to find yourself wanting to step up your sartorial game, this festive season.”

Pastel shades are back in vogue.“Essentially, I suggest women on the heavier side to steer away from the trend,” adds Sarita Mandoth. Even the choli finds many interesting substitutes — capes worn over halter tops, long jackets, crop tops, tube tops, strappy short blouses and the like. Get creative and indulge in a bit of a mix and match — play around with your choice of choli to have fun this festive season.. Just ensure you don’t go overboard with the outfit as it shouldn’t overpower your personality.With multi-functionality being the flavour of the season, fashionista Sarayu Hegde, adds how its important to be thoughtful. But, if I were to offer a fail-safe style tip, it would be to invest in a chikan Lucknowi set. The traditional lehenga has definitely gotten a westerised twist. Interestingly, the understated lehenga is seeing a glamorous resurgence — making it one of the season’s top picks for Indo-ethnic bashes. You could attach a dupatta to the choli and create a wonderful anarkali

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